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March 2005

shutterbug: How Photographers Are Making The Internet Work For Them

Informative and well-rounded. I love to photoblog because it's an extention of myself.[via Lifehacker]

Op-Ed Contributor: Don't Blame Wal-Mart

This article is right: if you hate wal mart, don't shop there!

February 2005

Boing Boing: Mieville's 50 sf/f novels for socialists

Some people just can't handle intelligent novels. Oh well.

Boing Boing: Boing Boing readers fisk on MPAA shutdowns

Response to a Lifehacker article about the MPAA shutting down p2p sites.

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Open Source is Worldchanging

by 1 other
An article about the science of open source. [via Hotlinks]

January 2005

It Starts With Ayn Rand

About the greatest author to ever live.

Anil Dash: A Theory

"I don't think anyone has ever been fired for blogging." [via Hotlinks]

Domain Name Security (Domain Names)

"There are security issues though that could effect you, your Web site and your domain name. Is your domain name secure?"

How Apple is going to screw webloggers!

Apple's just pissed because now they HAVE to put out a $500 Mac.

Artfacts Artist Ranking Top 100 Chart

Why was Warhol so close? [via Hotlinks]

WLUG-Wiki - Gimp Versus Photoshop

Gimp vs. Photoshop; opensource vs commerical; the pros and the cons

The challenge to Internet Explorer

"The Internet browser Firefox is going to whomp Microsoft Internet Explorer..."[via WinXPCentral]

Thunderbird, Firefox, and Transitional Applications | TUX

Will cross-platform transitional apps motivate users to Linux? [via Hotlinks]

Dan Huard: Life as a TechTV/G4 Employee

I'm glad I stopped watching that show. It used to be my favorite before G4 bought it and fucked with the format.

TOP TEN MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS OF 2004 ... [Media Matters for America]

"Here are the Top Ten most outrageous statements we have heard this year from members of the media." [via Linkfilter]

December 2004

mezzoblue ��� CSS Problem-Solving

Rules and tips for CSS problem solving

Open Source Alternatives: Weighing the Pros and Cons (Open Source)

weighing the pros and cons of open source alternative software [via Linkfilter]

Susan Mernit's Blog (mark-pesce-on-bittorrent)

He put it in words best about the whole Biztorrent debacle. [via BoingBoing] Curbside prophet

I find this so entertaining that I think I just might start a cult following. :)

PC Magazine promotes Blogging for kiddies

A Summary of the PC Mag review about MSN spaces and how it applies to kid's blogging.