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September 2005

Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive

The woman who supposedly brought down a gunman after he killed several people "with God" actually gave the suspect cracker crack -- to calm him, strangely enough.

June 2005

komo news | 'This Is Not Right'

Read how this woman was told she had "no constitutional rights". An enraging story.

May 2005

Victim blogs about his murderer

Probably about the most disturbing piece of domestic news I've heard in a while.

April 2005

March 2005 | A rural epidemic of teen mothers (20-03-2005)

"Holistic teenage pregnancy prevention program"? What the hell?[via Fark]

February 2005 -

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fresh tech news from around the net

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Fighting the New World Order and the Police State in an infowar [StumbleUpon]

January 2005

Teen gets 18 months in prison for worm | CNET

I still say this kid should have gotten a job with the CIA -- it was awfully brilliant!

Google is watching you

Probably the best idea Google has ever had -- save for Gmail. [via Linkfilter]

Family Scuffles, Pastor Says Jeans a Demon

Good lord. No pun intended [via Fark]

FCC Chairman Powell resigns | CNET

He's Colin Powell's son, by the way.

Red Hat readies new release | The Register

I always thought Red Hat was the Windows of the Linux world. [via WinXPCentral]

Dell's Rollins dismisses iPod as a 'fad' | CNET

That's what he said about the "internets" too.

Killing followed sex confession

This shit still goes on around here. [via PervScan]

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Wordpress news from around the web.

Domain Name Security (Domain Names)

"There are security issues though that could effect you, your Web site and your domain name. Is your domain name secure?"

TOP TEN MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS OF 2004 ... [Media Matters for America]

"Here are the Top Ten most outrageous statements we have heard this year from members of the media." [via Linkfilter]

December 2004

Slashdot | Microsoft Not Worried about FireFox

They're lying. They're shaking in their boots right about now. They just want to hide it.

Movable Type Publishing Platform: Movable Type 3.14 released

This happened the day I switched to Wordpress and was worth a laugh. Coincidence...?