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March 2005

RockRage: Music Band Fonts

by 10 others
A collection of fonts based on rock bands. Who knew Europe had such a cool font?!

February 2005

Classical Music Online | Mozart | Bach | Beethoven | Vivaldi | All Classical Music

"Online Classical is an online resource for classical music. "

Rosegarden: music software for Linux

by 6 others
For the composers and songwriters in all of us. [via Hotlinks]

Analogik - Electronic Music and Multimedia Brisbane, Australia

australian multimedia and electronic group. [via Linkfilter]

December 2004

November 2004

Dell - Oprah's Favorite Things 2004

Of course Oprah could afford these -- she's a billionaire! Still, they'd be nice to have.

Make your own iPOD for just �5

"So if you are desperate to get the look but you can’t afford it, here’s how to cheat your way trendy for less than a fiver."


if you ever want to learn the ukulele

Slashdot | Warezed SoundForge Files In Windows Media Player

Someone said it best with "do as I say, not as I do". [via Linkpool]

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