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March 2005

February 2005

Learning Movable Type: Combining Multiple Blogs Into One

To use in case of portal, sideblog, or whatever.

January 2005

December 2004

Movable Type Publishing Platform: Movable Type 3.14 released

This happened the day I switched to Wordpress and was worth a laugh. Coincidence...?

The Daily Whim: MT Plus Comment Spam Equals Dead Site

This article discusses the MT comment spam issue. [via BlogHerald] � Movable Type to WordPress Switch

Another opinion regarding a switch to Wordpress from Movable Type.

Mike Davidson: Converting CGI Movable Type Templates to PHP

This would make things a hell of a lot easier in MT. : Default Styles

MT2 original templates! Why doesn't SixApart still have these?

Learning Movable Type: Applying MT3 Style Templates to MT2.X

Showing how to convert MT3 templates into MT2 templates.

November 2004

Password protect your blog :: Adam Kalsey

In case you want to password protect an entry in Movable Type.

David Michael Allen

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the MT interface with a new look! Brilliant!


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a photolog in five (easy) steps in movable type

[the girlie matters] tips and tricks: per-category individual entry archive templates

using movable type to create separate looks for separate individual entry archive templates per category

David Raynes: SubCategories

a subcategories plugin for movable type

[delicious-discuss] preview: post to an MT blog from delicious

how i finally figured out how to post my links to my blog

Six Apart Professional Network: Using Movable Type for slideshows

The Trotts show us how to turn your blog into a Powerpoint side show.

October 2004

July 2004

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