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October 2005

Bullshit Bingo [Random!]

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When you're locked in an oh-so-boring meeting at work, pullout this Bullshit Bingo card and mark of each box, one by one.

January 2005

by 13 others
Play 20 questions [via Mary Laine's NeatNewStuff]

New Starcraft Patch 1.12 in the works!

I love any game that involves playing god.

December 2004

WinXPcentral - "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" - On PC June 2005

I already have it on PS2...that is going to take a LOT of processing power to run! Yipe!

November 2004

Anagram Genius

by 1 other
Download the trial and have some fun! Visit the archives or add your own to their database!

Basic Hold \'Em Strategy and Tips for Beginners � Bet Fest

A comprehensive tip guide to my favorite type of poker.

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