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March 2005


Play with a virtual lightsaber! [StumbleUpon]

February 2005


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Create your own kaleidoscope! [StumbleUpon]

The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager

Ranking how popular baby names were over time.

December 2004

2004 Weblog Awards

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Best of '04 Blogs [via BlogHerald]

November 2004

Sorry Everybody

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america apologizes to the world for the recent election. [via Linkpool]

The Paper Napkin email rejection service

How to rid yourself of annoying people!

GTA Vice City's VCPR transcript

Hilarity ensues. Who does Alex Shrub remind you of?

October 2004

Trick Donkey by Sam Loyd

Not a bad trick -- earned Loyd ten large in just a few weeks. Can you figure it out?

spl's soapbox -- dumb nigerian con-artists

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i've always wanted to know what would happen if you answered one of those spam emails.

July 2004

Drew Curtis'

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the funniest news blog out there

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