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June 2005

WhatTheFont Search Results : MyFonts

Which font did your favorite logo use?

March 2005

STC :: fontBROWSER ::

by 19 others
This flash application will allow to quickly preview the fonts active on your system.

RockRage: Music Band Fonts

by 10 others
A collection of fonts based on rock bands. Who knew Europe had such a cool font?!

February 2005

Fontleech: The Free Font Blog

by 23 others
A weblog devoted to free fonts across the web

Download Fonts - 1001 Free Fonts

by 26 others
If you can't find a cool font here, you're blind! [Digg]

Orgdot open source: pixel and led fonts for flash

by 10 others
Try pixel fonts before you download them. [via Digg]

January 2005

{ Pixilate } Fonts

Breathtakingly good fonts.

Download fonts |

by 1 other
In English and French -- includes some of my favorite pixel/bitmap fonts.

December 2004

Browser “Safe” Fonts

a list of browser-safe fonts in Windows and Mac platforms. [via Lockergnome]

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