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November 2005

Search bookmarks

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Search bookmarks by organization, activity, place, technology and etc.

September 2005

Blog before you Think!: A furl Workflow

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Using as your main social bookmarking tool, but importing to Furl for it's archivial service to search through text at a later date. popular sites

Great! I was disappointed when this site went down. I liked to use it much more than just browsing over to It makes for a good feed, too.

March 2005 Project Info - Scuttle

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like, only you can use it on your own server.

MySQLicious [ nanovivid

by 18 others
MySQLicious is a tool for mirroring bookmarks into a MySQL database.

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MS's answer to loader |

by 23 others
Load your bookmarks to [LifeHacker]

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"This is a PHP script that will grab the RSS from and add/update the entries in your WordPress blog."

February 2005

HubLog: Gatherers of the Month

by 3 others gatherers of the month. [via Hotlinks]

Delicious Furled Tea Bookmarklet Maker

by 80 others
Supports Furl,, Frassle, Connotea, and Bag of URLs.

January 2005

Extension Room ::

by 2 others
Allows you to easily add sites to your collections [via Blog-her RSS]

Unixdaemon: Delicious Checker

by 2 others
Must a plugin of somesort.

December 2004

WordPress Plugins Database

by 3 others
A wordpress plugin database -- I was specifically looking up the plugin.

November 2004

Dietrich Ayala | PHP API

by 7 others
More help with integrating

Dietrich Ayala | Foxylicious

by 56 others
- Firefox and bookmark integration for users of Firefox (like me)

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