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November 2005

Adam Polselli ยป Where'd Ya Get That Color Scheme?

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"Design inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, and at anytime. One of my personal favorites is photographs. They're perfect for scoping out fresh color schemes. I've done some scoping of my own, and have derived the following color schemes from a few of my own photographs. Use the colors themselves, or simply be inspired to create your own. Enjoy!"

May 2005

What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?

by 3 others
Pretty neat -- according to this, our children will have blue eyes. Well, duh, I could have told you that.

March 2005

February 2005

CuteColor - Download CuteColor from Webmaster Tools category

CuteColor is a easy-to-use Color Picker. Designed for web developers who manually edit HTML source code, C VB or Delphi programmer.

Color Blender

by 47 others
Good for creating appropriate color schemes for your site.

January 2005

Colour tools | clagnut/blog

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An informative list of colour tools

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