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March 2005

[listulike] CSS Generator

by 23 others
A CSS navbar generator.

February 2005

January 2005

December 2004 : Default Styles

MT2 original templates! Why doesn't SixApart still have these?

Learning Movable Type: Applying MT3 Style Templates to MT2.X

Showing how to convert MT3 templates into MT2 templates.

November 2004

Invasion of the Body Switchers: A List Apart

by 1 other
Another version of the style-switcher -- this time more independent of different media types.

The JavaScript Source: Code Generators: Popup Window Maker

by 3 others
From the JavaScript, just plug in your information and click "make code!". Very easy to customize.

Encode HTML Entities

Display raw code on your blog

MySQLinks | Main

A links management system utilizing the power of php and mysql database.

WordPress Wiki - Home Page

by 2 others
Wordpress' wiki site for detailed and gentle explanations of the publisher's ingenious system!

A web standards checklist - contents

Checklist for web standards in design.

External link icons the CSS way

how to make external links icons in CSS

[delicious-discuss] preview: post to an MT blog from delicious

how i finally figured out how to post my links to my blog

Build A Simple Style Switcher in CSS [CSS Tutorials]

a simple styleswitcher for skins and the like.

Six Apart Professional Network: Using Movable Type for slideshows

The Trotts show us how to turn your blog into a Powerpoint side show.

October 2004

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