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May 2005

Wake-Up Wal-Mart

Walmart is evil, but I didn't have to tell you that.

March 2005

Weblogs Inc Announces Five New Blogs:

AdJab, pPlayer, SCMWire, TheDiabetesBlog, and BBHub > web > web economy bullshit generator

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Impress your computer-illiterate pals with this web economy bullshit generator.

February 2005

Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools

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How to Sell Your Book, CD, or DVD on Amazon

Bloglines | News

Ask Jeeves has acquired Bloglines -- via my favorite agg itself.

January 2005

More on SixApart LiveJournal

I wouldn't consider it whacky especially if all those kids could up and leave now.

December 2004


So that's how it's done! Ahhh.... [via Linkfilter]

The New York Times > Business > World Business > Canada, the Closer Country for Outsourcing Work

Canada is better than India. Closer, and you can actually hire English speaking workers. [via Linkfilter]

November 2004

Betting on Tools that Power Blogs

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Blog tooling makes capital. Makes sence to me. [via Blog Herald]

July 2004

Wired News

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my favorite technology news source

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