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July 2006

whereupon : Spn : a million miles away : fic

Sam/Dean. Another beautiful impressionistic wordpainting. This one heavier, the scrape of monochromatic oils across the canvas. Good.

whereupon : Spn : and see how well we rhyme : fic

Distances, crossed lines, bleeding in and out of each other, trying to find focus. A balance. Impressionistic. Beautiful.

whereupon : Spn : Pirate Moon : fic

Fatigue, weariness, bonedeep ache. Tight and bright like fever, the pinpoint narrowing of focus and how everything and nothing makes sense.

whereupon : spn : to the valley below : fic

Beautiful. Moving in and out of focus, sharp and bright and immediate, bleeding to distant ache, and back again. A story in watercolors, whites and grays, and a pale winter sun.

June 2006

whereupon : SPN : butterflies instead : fic

Sam/Jess. Sam and his brother. and just Sam. oh. wonderful.

May 2006

whereupon : SPN : As Water : fic

like watching the stars move. cuts to the bone, to the soul, leaving only the essential. horrible, beautiful.

March 2006

whereupon : SPN : wings : fic

A quiet, unstill moment. Silent burden and grief, and the knowledge that they can't save everyone.