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April 2005

March 2005

HyperDictionary Search Box

by 3 others has made available a dictionary search box which you can place on your website. The results of the search are displayed in a popup window. The user never leaves your website and the results appear to be part of your website.

February 2005 - the human search engine [beta #1]

by 5 others
What you see is the very first version of a new breed of search engines. A search engine that uses human information from normal internet users to find and rank web pages. The results you see here are from a collection of roughly 1.5 million bookmarks gathered by the users of the bookmarking service.

Remove Content from Google's Index

by 1 other
Google views the quality of its search results as an extremely important priority. Therefore, Google stops indexing the pages on your site only at the request of the webmaster who is responsible for those pages or as required by law. This policy is necessary to ensure that pages are not inappropriately removed from our index.

Blogdigger : RSS / Atom Search Engine - Search Blogs

by 19 others
Blogdigger is a search engine for blogs. Blogdigger uses state of the art syndication technologies, such as RSS and Atom, to index blog content and make it available for search. Blogdigger also makes all search results available in RSS or Atom, so users can subscribe to keyword searches and automatically be notified, via the News Aggregator of their choice, of new content pertaining to their interests. Blogdigger searches thousands of RSS and Atom feeds, and is built-in to many popular News Aggregators, such as FeedDemon and NetNewsWire.

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