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25 February 2005 22:15

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: Moons and Junes and ferris wheels

It is what it is. For all the lonely times you may have in the years ahead, know we will be doing everything we can to saturate your life with the comraderie of others. For the times when there will only be your parents on the other side of the dinner table, know that we will do everything in our power to expand your view of your world. No, this wasn't the original plan. But that doesn't mean that the reality will be any less amazing. If ever there was a child who was dreamed of, and then came true - it was you. You are loved, you are enough, we are enough. We are a family.

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: Fairy Tales, Do Come True

The people in white coats rubbed you, measured you, and wrapped you cozy in a blanket. Then your dad grabbed you up. I was almost able to register your birth before falling into the black place. Your dad held you militantly at my side. The hovering white coats, eager to finish their protocols, just had to wait until I was stable before your dad consented to leave my side. Because, he was never about to leave yours. Hours later, when I woke up in Recovery, your dad brought you to me again. Finally, we met. I smelled you and touched you and memorized your face. It was primal, instinct, necessary. We imprinted on each other. For a long, long time the three of us rested on that bed together quietly, the way we still do so often, as a family. It was the beginning.

25 February 2005 22:00

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: The Turning Point

I was 20 years old, and I was standing in court. The man over there, who was 24, was up on battery charges. And I was the complainant. I was the one who’d been battered. The charges were read, and the Judge asked him – did he do it? And the accused man never looked at me. He elocuted: Yes. I am guilty. I punched her, and kept her in my apartment, and wouldn’t let her go. And even after I was arrested, and out on bail, I found her where she was hiding. I found her and slapped her for leaving me. And the Judge, a beautiful dark man with blue eyes, looked down and pronounced judgment. And it was over.

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