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17 January 2006 19:00

WYM editor - open source XHTML editor - Accessify Forum

"Our goal is XHTML compliance, accessibility and easy processing of the information (ie XSL transformation)."

17 January 2006 16:30 WYM editor

Web-based WYSIWYM editor (What You See Is What You Mean), which goal is to produce XHTML-CSS compliant code. WYM editor lets the writer concentrate on the structure and the content of the document, not on the visual layout.

17 January 2006 16:15

WYM editor 0.1 rc 1 released -

" création d'un plugin WYM pour MODx CMS ... après tout, pourquoi pas ? Toute aide est évidemment la bienvenue." Idem pour la compatibilité Firefox ;-)

WYM editor : an Open Source alternative to XStandard - standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYM editor - Home

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WYM editor is a web-based WYSIWYM editor (What You See Is What You Mean). Projet Open Source, actuellement compatible IE (appel à contributeurs pour la compatibilité Mozilla/Firefox)