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NVDA screenreader keyboard helpers | Stamford Interactive

This one is for testers who use NVDA, a free screenreader, to test online content for any access issues.

Web Accessibility Testing: What Can be Tested and How | Karl Groves

Why I created this resource

This list should not be taken as a stab against tools and tool vendors. I’ve said numerous times that we should do automatic testing first. When done properly, automatic testing offers a degree of efficiency that cannot be matched by other methods. However, that doesn’t mean that we should leave our compliance up to automated testing. As the tables above show, there are 9 WCAG Success Criterion (in Level A and AA) that cannot be tested for in any meaningful manner using a tool. There are another 13 that can be tested for automatically but require a human to verify. Full compliance and risk mitigation always requires the involvement of a skilled professional reviewer, even when you have a tool as well.

WebAIM: Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility

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It is important to evaluate the accessibility of web content with a screen reader, but screen readers can be very complicated programs for the occasional user, so many people avoid them. This doesn't need to be the case. While screen readers are complicated, it is possible to test web content for accessibility without being a "power user."


Should Sighted Developers Use Screenreaders To Test Accessibility? |

There is some controversy about the idea of sighted web designers and developers using screenreading software to test web sites for accessibility. Some people suggest one must use a screenreader to test their sites. Others believe it is counter productive. I think that very few sighted people can get the correct results by using screenreaders to test a website. I further think that too many people think that the accessibility testing is complete once they’ve used a screenreader on their website.


Planning Usability Testing | Accessibility in User-Centered Design | Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

The Usability Testing section is an overview of usability testing with participants with disabilities.


|| Générateur de Faux-texte | Lipsum pour Web designer ||

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Générateur en ligne de Lipsum pour la réalisation de faux-textes, et formatage de feuillets de style CSS pour la conception de maquettes. Possibilité de texte en français (effet visuel très différent du classique Lorem ipsum)