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The Importance Of HTML5 Sectioning Elements | Smashing Coding

Make no mistake: Sectioning elements help you improve document structure, and they’re in the spec’ to stay. Once and for all, I will be exploring the problems these elements solve, the opportunities they offer and their important but misunderstood contribution to the semantic Web.


Vibéo - un lecteur vidéo accessible

Vibéo est né suite à un problème récurrent que nous avions qui était le besoin d'un lecteur vidéo accessible HTML5 qui respectait les standards du SGQRI 008-01.

The truth about structuring an HTML5 page | Feature | .net magazine

Part polemic, part instruction manual, The Truth About HTML5 has ignited an interesting debate. Here we present an exclusive excerpt on the problems around structuring in HTML5

When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

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Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers.

The Third Bit » Slide-Drive is Live

Slide-Drive, explored what a web-native presentation tool might be

Using HTML5 and Javascript to Deliver Text-Based Audio Descriptions | WGBH/NCAM

IBM Research-Tokyo recently partnered with NCAM to research ways to deliver online audio descriptions via text-to-speech (TTS) methods, rather than using human recordings. IBM and NCAM explored two approaches which exploit new HTML5 media elements as well as Javascript and TTML

L'évolution du Web

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Aujourd'hui, le Web est un univers en perpétuelle expansion, constitué de pages et d'applications Web qui regorgent de vidéos, de photos et de contenu interactif. Tout cela est rendu possible grâce à l'interaction entre les technologies Web et les navigateurs.

HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives: developer edition

This document contains author conformance requirements for use of the alt attribute in HTML5 and best practice guidance for authors of HTML documents on providing text alternatives for images.

This specification is an extension to the HTML5 specification [HTML5]. All normative content in the HTML5 specification, unless specifically overridden by this specification, is intended to be the basis for this specification.

Saisis un ticket ! Oussa ???

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Comment signaler un souci technique sur un site Web ?

La solution est alors peut-être à chercher du côté du Web sémantique. Ajouter au code source de chaque page des informations sémantiques pointant vers un système de gestion de tickets.


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DZSlides is a one-page-template to build your presentation in HTML5 and CSS3

Les 5 mythes et vérités de HTML5 - Alsacreations

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Pour avancer en gardant les pieds sur terre


Confusion over HTML5 & WAI-ARIA | Karl Groves

Recently, Everett Zufelt posted an excellent blog post titled: Are You Confused by HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Yet?. In his post, Everett outlines a number of areas in which the evolving HTML5 specification and the WAI-ARIA specification conflict with one another in ways which can cause confusion among web developers.


The goal of this project is to rely on declarative W3C standards (namely, SMIL Timing and SMIL Timesheets) to synchronize HTML content. These demos rely purely on our Timesheet Scheduler: 100% declarative and standard-based, no specific JavaScript code is used.

Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : HTML5, hollow demos and forgetting the basics

The biggest danger is when that demo mentality leaks into production websites.

On using h1 for all heading levels in HTML5 | 456 Berea Street

In the meantime my advice is to use HTML5 sectioning content elements when they are appropriate, but continue to use h1 - h6 for headings. That way you can safely use the new elements.

Blog de PaulK — 10 moyens de regarder YouTube sans logiciels propriétaires / 10 ways to watch YouTube without non-free software

Lorsque l'on décide d'utiliser un système d'exploitation libre, l'une des premières choses qui rebute est sans doute l'absence du lecteur Flash, et donc l'absence de possibilité de regarder les vidéos de sites de partage de vidéos tels que YouTube. Pourtant, une multitude de solutions existent.

Etat des lieux de l‘accessibilité de HTML5 | BrainCracking

Réflexions et questionnement d'un développeur Web pour qui l'accessibilité ne fait pas partie de son domaine d'expertise


IE9 is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, but I don't believe it to be a truly modern browser, and let me tell you why.

By Paul Rouget

W3C HTML5 Logo

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Logos, autocollants, t-shirts...

Découvrez enfin un lecteur HTML5 abouti ! | webdesigner |

VideoJS, lecteur HTML5 propose des fonctionnalités identiques à celle d’un lecteur flash