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ATHEN Report on the Accessibility of GMail and Google Calendar | ATHEN

The Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN) is continuing its functional evaluation of the components of the Google Application Suite to determine the accessibility of each component for users with various types of disabilities and assistive technology.


Former Google Developer Offers to Help Fix Google Reader - Forbes

Affordances have gone awry, the relative implied importance of use cases (such as subscribing) have fallen out of balance, and visual grouping of related items has been whitewashed away.

My offer to Google Reader « fox @ fury

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While those products are important, they don’t meet the same needs that Google Reader was designed to, and Reader should not fall by the wayside, a victim to fashion.


Google Acquires reCAPTCHA: Potential Boost for Web Accessibility - Law Office of Lainey Feingold

Google should convene a diverse group of blind and visually impaired computer users specifically to test and give feedback on ReCaptcha.



Blind charities praise Google for finding accessible sites

Google Accessible Search, Raman said: "We don't test against WCAG. We think in the spirit of those guidelines, but we don't test against them verbatim."