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The Importance Of HTML5 Sectioning Elements | Smashing Coding

Make no mistake: Sectioning elements help you improve document structure, and they’re in the spec’ to stay. Once and for all, I will be exploring the problems these elements solve, the opportunities they offer and their important but misunderstood contribution to the semantic Web.


Vibéo - un lecteur vidéo accessible

Vibéo est né suite à un problème récurrent que nous avions qui était le besoin d'un lecteur vidéo accessible HTML5 qui respectait les standards du SGQRI 008-01.

The truth about structuring an HTML5 page | Feature | .net magazine

Part polemic, part instruction manual, The Truth About HTML5 has ignited an interesting debate. Here we present an exclusive excerpt on the problems around structuring in HTML5

When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

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Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers.

Using HTML5 and Javascript to Deliver Text-Based Audio Descriptions | WGBH/NCAM

IBM Research-Tokyo recently partnered with NCAM to research ways to deliver online audio descriptions via text-to-speech (TTS) methods, rather than using human recordings. IBM and NCAM explored two approaches which exploit new HTML5 media elements as well as Javascript and TTML

HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives: developer edition

This document contains author conformance requirements for use of the alt attribute in HTML5 and best practice guidance for authors of HTML documents on providing text alternatives for images.

This specification is an extension to the HTML5 specification [HTML5]. All normative content in the HTML5 specification, unless specifically overridden by this specification, is intended to be the basis for this specification.


Confusion over HTML5 & WAI-ARIA | Karl Groves

Recently, Everett Zufelt posted an excellent blog post titled: Are You Confused by HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Yet?. In his post, Everett outlines a number of areas in which the evolving HTML5 specification and the WAI-ARIA specification conflict with one another in ways which can cause confusion among web developers.

On using h1 for all heading levels in HTML5 | 456 Berea Street

In the meantime my advice is to use HTML5 sectioning content elements when they are appropriate, but continue to use h1 - h6 for headings. That way you can safely use the new elements.

Etat des lieux de l‘accessibilité de HTML5 | BrainCracking

Réflexions et questionnement d'un développeur Web pour qui l'accessibilité ne fait pas partie de son domaine d'expertise


ginger's thoughts » Accessibility to Web video for the Vision-Impaired

How to increase the amount of video descriptions - HTML5 specifications for video descriptions

The Paciello Group Blog » Using the HTML title attribute

The HTML title attribute is problematic. It is problematic because it is not well supported in some crucial respects, even though it has been with us for over 13 years.

We Haven’t Forgotten About Accessibility, Have We? - Monday By Noon

After all, the accessible nature of Web standards was a good argument to those that didn’t stand behind standards, right? Lately I’ve been fearing that we may have in part lost sight of how truly important accessibility is.

Terrill Thompson: Creating Your Own Accessible HTML5 Media Player

HTML5 introduces the <audio> and <video> elements, which enable web browsers to natively support media without requiring users to download and install a plug-in. It also greatly simplifies the code required to add media to a web page.

ginger's thoughts » Introducing media accessibility into HTML5

In recent months, people in the W3C HTML5 Accessibility Task Force developed two proposals for introducing caption, subtitle, and more generally time-aligned text support into HTML5 audio and video.

Un lecteur vidéo accessible qui répond au standard du SGQRI 008 « Blogue de Nurun Services Conseils

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Parmi les défis que nous avions à relever figurait celui de l’intégration des vidéos dans un lecteur accessible avec sous-titrage et transcription.

HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in May 2010 — Research — Accessible Culture

I wanted to play around a bit and confirm for myself how some of the leading screen readers for Windows, namely JAWS 11, Window-Eyes 7.11, NVDA 2010.1, and SAToGo 3.0.202, currently handle basic HTML5 sectioning elements as well as ARIA landmark and other roles

WebAIM: Blog - Future Web Accessibility: HTML5 Semantic Elements

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This is the second in a multipost series about the immediate and likely future of web accessibility.


ginger's thoughts » video accessibility

Demo of deep hyperlinking into HTML5 video

mindforks: Keyboard control of html5 video elements

"HTML 5 introduces the video and audio media elements. Playback is manipulated by the user with browser supplied controls (indicated via the controls attribute), or with author supplied controls. In the case of browser supplied controls the current Firefox implementation is described here, and an idea for potentially improved keyboard support is suggested."