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Le Chal: A haptic feedback based shoe for the blind | Anirudh Sharma | touchaddict

Le-Chal is a way finding aid for the visually impaired that uses a language of vibrations, complementing their natural adaptations and extends their limitations.

BBC - My Web My Way - How to guides

Geoff Adams-Spink - the former BBC Age and Disability Correspondent - provides an overview of how users can adapt their computer setup.


l’azile » “no one ever asks us for accessibility”

I do not have all the answers and I would love to hear from anyone who can contribute to these ideas.


Clear Helper

Web Accessibility for People with Intellectual / Cognitive Disabilities

Let Your Fingers Do the Hiring: Blind People and Employment « Michael Janger's Blog

In the disability world, there is often a difference of opinion on whether it is more appropriate to enroll a disabled child in a school specifically geared toward him or her, or to mainstream the child with non-disabled children in the general educational system. The decision on how to enroll a disabled child has major implications on the way the child spends his or her life as an adult, and importantly, the type of career the adult pursues.


Project:Possibility - A Software Collaboration for Persons with Disabilities

Project:Possibility is a nonprofit, community service project committed to creating groundbreaking open source software for persons with disabilities.


Blind charities praise Google for finding accessible sites

Google Accessible Search, Raman said: "We don't test against WCAG. We think in the spirit of those guidelines, but we don't test against them verbatim."



un pilote pour Linux en mode console (texte) pour tablette braille.