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02 November 2006


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Build a Website - Start a Blog -

Squirl: A Site for Collectors

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Pour mettre en ligne ses collections diverses et variées

FilmLoop: Create photo slideshows, Share, View

Pour avoir un slideshow au dessus de son blog


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RoR sur Mac OS X, facile à installer This is a simple tool to help you develop Ruby on Rails applications on Mac OS X.

31 October 2006

Reggie Ashworth - AppDelete

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AppDelete scans your computer and automatically deletes any items associated with the app you're removing, and all you have to do is drag the application you want to remove onto the AppDelete icon.

30 October 2006

PhPepperShop Webshop, die Shopsoftware

Une boutique en PHP, avec plusieurs versions dont une version OpenSource. Le site est en allemand.

25 October 2006

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On met des tags et on se crée des wishlist partageuses

07 October 2006

AntiRSI -

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Pour te forcer à faire des pauses, logiciel Mac

05 October 2006 Events

Pour savoir ce qu'il se passe partout dans le monde, tous les événements qui ont lieu

26 September 2006

25 September 2006


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- get organized with simple to-do lists

24 September 2006

rooSwitch - Shuffle Your Settings Around

rooSwitch exists to make it easy for you to create different profiles of almost any applications data. You then switch amongst the profiles to activate the data you wish to use. It's like a multi-user environment for just one application.

22 September 2006


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Des tutos photoshop à gogo

20 September 2006

OF - Outils

Liste des types d'outils que propose Outils Froids

04 September 2006 Red Mombin

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Red Mombin is a quick and easy to use web-based task manager. It's powered by AJAX, PHP, and MySQL and works in all major browsers.