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December 2005

Le 13 : La page d'accueil

Il explique comment il compte faire sa page d'accueil : faire pareil ? ou s'inspirer ?


Interview d'un graphiste

The Blog Studio

Un studio qui fait du webdesign spécifique aux blogs

DropSend | Email large files easily and securely

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Want to email large files? We've got the answer. MAis c'est pour son design

Riya - Photo Search

by 50 others
Moteurs de recherche images : soit on a taggé les images, soit il reconnaît les gens en analysant l'image


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flock flockstart browser software web firefox social

November 2005

August 2005

UnMatched Style

Unmatched Style is a constantly growing community dedicated to acknowledging those who have made exceptionally gorgeous web sites, using the methods we feel to be the only acceptable way. This method is of course through the use of Cascading Style Sheets

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