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21 February 2007 07:45

Chuck Colson Darwin Strikes Back

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A couple of years ago on this program I had this to say of the book Doubts about Darwin by my friend Thomas Woodward The motivation for the founders of the intelligent design movement to instigate this reformation within science is a passion for intellectual truthtelling

Middle East Peace Quartet to Meet Next Month

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced that the quartet of Middle East peace negotiators will meet in Washington next month

Christian Youth Urged to Reach Out to Muslim Neighbors

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Since war broke out in Iraq, news of intensified violence and brutal killings have been splashed across the front pages of newspapers across the world. But, a Lebanese pastor says the recent developments are nothing compared to the ongoing inner conflict in the Middle East over the last 40 ...

Broadest Faith Groups to Inaugurate New U.S. Ecumenical Body

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Christians from five traditions, including Roman Catholic, will officially inaugurate a new national ecumenical body next ...

Behind these walls, royalty - and 'wizardry' |

With green rolling hills on one side and the picturesque town of Alnwick, England, on the other, Alnwick Castle looks like something out of a movie.

Security Tightens After ShootOut with Muslim Extremists in Indonesia

Security in Indonesia has tightened after 11 people were killed in a shootout during a hunt for Muslim extremists It is believed that several of the suspects are related to reported antiChristian attacks in Poso

Faith Group Urges Churches to Keep Religion, Politics Separate

Saying partisan politics are tearing apart people of faith, a group of clergy members launched a campaign Thursday urging their fellow ministers to ensure all political viewpoints are respected in their ...

Where 'hello' means 'have you eaten rice yet?'

John St. Godard of Montreal spent a month in Bangkok, Thailand.

A fun, if frustrating, fore days |

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David S. Hauck spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Tubegazing: Longford

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The four-hour HBO miniseries focuses on a British lord who staked - and lost - his reputation on trying to help a serial killer.

Backstory: A heavenly home for hedgehogs

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St. Tiggywinkles, Britain's first wildlife hospital, rehabilitates injured animals whose paths collide with man.

New Report Shows China Failing to Protect Environment

A new report by the Chinese government has revealed that China is failing to make progress on protecting the environment

Thousands to Follow Wilberforce as ModernDay Slave Abolitionists

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iAmazing Grace Sundayi will kick off 18 February as more than 2500 churches and tens of thousands of individuals across the globe will commemorate the abolition of slavery in the British Empire

Renewed Links Between Catholics Church of England Debated

A powerful response has been seen this week towards plans to renew links between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church

Multiculturalism: The Next Generation of Churches

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Today's generation of students is more open to global awareness than any other generation before, according to a sought-after speaker and ...

Burma Delegation Concludes Europe US Awareness Tour

A delegation of Chin and Kachin activists from Burma has finished a visit to Washington DC last week where they briefed senior US government officials on the continuing violations of human rights by Burmas military regime

Sex Billboard Directs Attention to Fla. Church

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A mystery billboard perched above the intersection of a busy parkway is causing an uproar and raising eyebrows for a relationship-focused series of sermons beginning later this ...

US Episcopal Church Alive Well Amid Widening Gay Divide

I am Bonnie Anderson and I am an Episcopalian Anderson president of the House of Deputies spoke to fellow Episcopalians within the split Diocese of San Joaquin Her introductory statement was met with a standing ovation by hundreds of people who chose to remain in the denomination

CARE Calls for Robust Marriage Policies in Response to UNICEF Report

Christian social policy charity CARE has expressed great concern at the findings of the UNICEF study Child Poverty in Perspective published this week

More Americans live their lives online

It's not that we have to live online, it's that we can if we want to or need to.

Time to search the Web for summer camps

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An online directory can help even the pickiest parents find a summertime escape for their children.

Methodist Church Launches Face 2 Faith Photo Competition

A photo competition is to be held by the Methodist Churchs month of prayer for interfaith relations where contestants capture images that communicate something powerful about inter faith relations

America's parks feel strain of a budget crunch |

Longer lines, fewer services await visitors this year, critics say.

Evidence Confirms Polluted Air Can Raise Heart Risks

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The fine grit in polluted air boosts the risk of heart disease in older women much more powerfully than scientists realized

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