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June 2008

PLR Products

How to pick and use PLR Products to generate revenue online.

October 2006

Don’t Pick A Mastering Studio Unless It Meets These 5 Criteria!

Picking the right mastering studio is a big decision that can have a big impract on your music. This article reveals 5 key points you should look for when you select your mastering studio.

Inside The Mastering Process of a Professional Mastering Engineer

If you want to get great results with audio mastering, then you need to understand what a mastering engineer does. This allows you to better contribute to the mastering process and know what you should look for in a winning mastering engineer!

September 2006

Natural Substitutes For Sugar

What you should know about sugar -- and solutions to painlessly reduce how much you consume, including a secret to eliminating cravings.

August 2006

Advantages of Organic Foods

You may already be aware that organic foods taste better and are more expensive, but what other advantages do they offer? When is it worth buying organic?

Make Your Music Stand-Out With Mastering So You Make The Right Impression!

Discover why if you're not investing in a quality mastering engineer, then you're missing a huge opporunity to give your music the "Edge" that creates hits!

July 2006

Why Online Mastering May Be Your Best Bet To Get That “Hit” Sound!

Can online mastering actually produce better results than brick and mortar studios? Discover the advantages online mastering offers that many people don't realize.

A Simple Explanation of Dithering For Musicians

Get the most out of your music mastering by understanding what exactly your mastering engineer does to make your music sound great! Find-out what dithering is and why it's needed.

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