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08 January 2007

Track your online presence with maps!

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Keep track of who is looking at your websites and emails, how frequently they come back and where they come from, made simple Do you have a Myspace profile? Do you sell things on Ebay or Craigslist? monitors who is looking at your online presence and then shows you the information in simple graphs and maps. Use to put a map on your profile so that other people can see where your visitors are coming from.

07 January 2007

Flash Photopshop!

by 33 others
A FLASH reproduction of photoshop. BETA: No undo, etc... hopefully it will come soon!

03 January 2007

Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

by 20 others
Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows & Office Programs available for download -- finding them all is extremely difficult . . . until now.

30 December 2006

50 Tools that can Increase your Writing Skills

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We found this while cruising though Bloglines last night. If you are writing anything at all, odds are you'll improve your skills by spending some time at the Poynter Institute. So without delay, here is a list of a whopping 50 articles that we should all read (yes, I said we because my writing tends to lack in a few dozen areas!)

Ebooks libres et gratuits

by 31 others
Annuaire de livres électroniques libres et gratuits

philosophy class introduction logic textbook

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Welcome to the world of philosophy. Perhaps you will find something here that will answer your questions and stimulate new questions. Please remember the first rule of philosophy: Think! Introduction to Philosophy Logic Ethics Epistemology Philosophy of Science Metaphysics Political Philosophy Aesthetics ADVANCED PHILOSOPHY

Philosophy Talk Podacast

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The program that questions everything ...except your intelligence.

28 December 2006 - Generate an essay on anything! :: Generator

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Simply type your topic into the blue box and press GO. Makes an essay on anything. Different every time! e.g. 'investment banking', 'Michael Jackson's moth collection'... NEW - The best topics recorded Essay Generator 1 mark off passing A Level Handed in and marked by teacher!


Storyspace is a hypertext writing environment that is especially well suited to large, complex, and challenging hypertexts. Storyspace focuses on the process of writing, making it easy and pleasant to link, revise, and reorganize. Download your FREE Storyspace demo now!

20 December 2006

Haiti-Reference: Page d'acceuil

Un guide de reference sur l'Haiti

14 December 2006

HTML Playground, html, css reference by example

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Please select a tag from the Tag List window and after this click on the highlighted elements in the Example Code window.

09 December 2006

Eragon Movie

The official eragon movie site, full of fun features.

Tetes a claques

Des videos tordant a regarder. Je suggere regarder celui intituler "Le Willie Waller 2006"

08 December 2006

etc. | Quick links to good stuff

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etc. is ... simply quick links to good stuff. Over 1500 entries since 2002! It's the best of what's happening today in the world of tech, web development and design and more, offered up in bite-sized pieces so you can quickly find what interests you.

07 December 2006

Hockneyizer: Create a simulated collage from a single photograph

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Create a unique "collage" from a single photograph.

Poll Dady

by 20 others
PollDaddy is a free online tool, which allows you to create polls and place them on your website or blog, or anywhere online that you can paste a bit of JavaScript!

Warning Label Generator

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The Warning Label Generator is a fun way to generate your own warning labels!

Create a website in minutes...

...using an efficiant drag and drop method, and a nice theme.

06 December 2006

Daily Litterature

Get a chunck of a classic novel per day via email, that will take about 5 minutes to read. So you can incoperate it into you busy schedual.

ZAP Reader

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Read text 300% faster!

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

by 56 others
Catalogue your library and meet people who read the same books as you.

Tools for Reading, Writing, & Thinking

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A great collection of graphic organizers for middle and high school students

Dragon Page cover to cover

Great science fiction podcast home page.

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