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February 2007

Michael Netzer

Online site with the comic artist's work and connections.


A world view of Syria. Nice site with no title that I couldn't automatically link to elsewhere since it only advertises itself as a "Homepage" at Mac.

January 2007

Tapestry Comics: A Directory of Web Comics with Feeds

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Just what it says. A useful reference to strips online, but also compatible with your RSS reader. Get running posts via the site or selected an individual feed for your favourites.

Making Fiends

A great little animation series with two seasons worth of episodes now online. The creators are ecstatic - a major TV deal has been offered, so get these free while you can.

Woman Made Gallery

An extensive gallery of women's art based in Chicago.

Willard Wigan: Micro Sculptor

Quite possibly the smallest artwork in the world - this gallery by Willard Wigan, based in Birmingham England, shows his work in "the eye of a needle". Both remarkable and fascinating.

William S. Burroughs Films

A collection of films made bu William Burroughs in the 60s and 70s, all in one place.

The Kenny Gallery

Nice gallery of art in Ireland.

Tom Tomorrow

The archive page for Tom's daily cartoons. Strips are posted here around 48 hours after paid-for syndication release. Simple style, but some good political commentary.

Site de Calirezo

Some fine digital art, worked from phot-referenc but whooly created with technological tools.

December 2006

Web sites on Painters

Nice portal for links to artists chosen by the site owner.

November 2006

Comics International Online

This is the leading specialist comics publication here in the UK with all the latest news and views.

October 2006

Fernando Botero

Some compelling images from an artist depicting treatment in Aby Grahib. Fine paintings with a highly destressing message.

Your Gallery - Micheal Dickinson

Freash from his adventures in custody in Turkey, this is artist Micheal Dickinson's gallery at th Saachi site. There;s also a link to his own new site

September 2006

Art by Michael Dickinson

This is the new site for Micheal Dickinson's montages and other work.

Michael Dickinson censored

A report on the internet censorship of Michael Dickinson's art.