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June 2007

Dream Chase | Classical Electronic Instrumental - Podcast Safe

Dream Chase is a classical electronic fast intense instrumental that I composed for a film. You may use this free podcast safe mp3 for your own podcasting with appropriate credit and linking to Dave Latchaw and

May 2007

Too Extreme II | Metal Rock Instrumental - Mp3 Podcast

Too Extreme II is a fun Metal Rock Instrumental that is in your face. I recorded this version for an Extreme Sports Video.

March 2007

First Alert - Very Live Club Version | Jazz Fusion Podcast

This is a very Live Club version of my Jazz Fusion composition First Alert. First Alert was the theme for the Kevin Ferguson’s T.V. show Night Shift. Chris Harris - Bass | Todd Harrold - Drums | Scott Romero - Guitar | Jeff Blackburn - Sax | Me - Keyboards. This is from a cassette recording from the mixing desk - 1985.

February 2007

Glencoe Download Expressive World Jazz Fusion Mp3 Podcast

Glencoe is a collection of 10 original compositions with a expressive world jazz fusion feel. I used a melting pot of different cultures and influences combined into an ambient musical adventure. I play all the lead keyboard parts with no overdubs to keep musical continuity. Recorded at Latch Music Studios in 1999 and re-mastered in 2006. On this recording I am influenced by the electronic world jazz fusion works of Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Bill Laswell, Trilok Gurtu, Karsh Kale and Tabla Beat Science.

Live Trio Version | A Villa - Latin Jazz Fusion | Podcast Safe Mp3

This is a very live trio version of A Villa with Brian Derek - Bass | John Kaplanis - Drums | Me - Keyboard. This was from casette demo from the 90’s. A Villa is a Latin Jazz Fusion composition I wrote this over 20 years ago. Inspired by Chick Corea and Return to Forever during the “Light As A Feather” time period. You may use this free mp3 for podcasting with appropriate credit and linking to Dave Latchaw and You may not sell your free mp3. Contact me at if you have any further copyright questions.

January 2007

Reflections Download Jazz Classical Fusion Piano Mp3 Podcast

Reflections is a collection of introspective relaxing acoustic solo piano pieces I recorded with Jim Reiske. 11 of the 15 tracks I improvised at the recording session, the other 4 I composed before the recording date. All tracks are first takes with no overdubs. On this solo piano recording I am influenced by the jazz classical fusion solo piano works of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Lyle Mays, Rick Wakeman, Bruce Hornsby and McCoy Tyner and more.

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