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29 January 2006

22 January 2006

12 January 2006


Made of wood painted with a voodoo doll motif, the Voodoo Coat Rack features nine repositionable pins that serve as coat hooks. Rope is used as a decorative accent for the hair and toes, while hooks serve as the fingers.

10 January 2006

CalendarHub - Web Calendars

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Create a Calendar That You Can Access from Anywhere Keep it private, share it with others or publish it on the Web

Rétablir la rareté par la force.

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Une lecture recommandée à propos de la musique, des MP3 et ce genre de choses...

08 January 2006

04 January 2006

9rules — Browse: Read anything about everything

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The best blogs on your favorite topics

03 January 2006

30 December 2005

29 December 2005

The Lonely Island - The 'Bu

Young, sexy people that live in Malibu call it The 'Bu, because when you say the entire word, it takes time, and then you wouldn't be young anymore. (Made for Channel 101)

28 December 2005

27 December 2005

Les fichiers PNG n'affichent pas les zones transparentes dans Internet Explorer

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La solution officielle mais bancale proposée par Microsoft pour corriger l'affichage des PNG...

26 December 2005

Feed Icons - Help establish the new standard

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A new standard is being established to identify syndicated content - You can help by adding this icon to your site.

19 December 2005

17 December 2005

Num Sum: web spreadsheet

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web based spreadsheet (Excell-like)

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