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Shrink Me - Compress JPG & PNG Images

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With Shrink Me you can reduce your image file sizes without suffering visual quality loss, and thus make your sites and apps faster for your users.



gifshot - JavaScript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images

JavaScript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images


Retina.js | Retina graphics for your website

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retina.js is an open source script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays


Adaptive Images in HTML

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A drop-in solution that automatically creates, caches, and delivers device-appropriate versions of your website’s images. No mark-up changes needed. Adaptive Images is intended for use with Responsive Designs and to be combined with Fluid Image techniques.


Thinglink — Make Your Images Interactive

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Give photos new life with sound, voice, video, social, and other fun links.


24 ways: Going Nuts with CSS Transitions

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I’m going to show you how CSS 3 transforms and WebKit transitions can add zing to the way you present images on your site.


Banque d'images libres de droits : Matton Images

3 comments est le site spécialiste du libre de droits!

TiltViewer - About

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TiltViewer allows you to browse Flickr's most interesting images in a 3D space. It's designed to provide a fun, intuitive user experience. Images are pulled from Flickr's Interestingness list.


ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, and Compose Images

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ImageMagick®, version 6.2.5, is a free software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images

Google Logo Maker-Google風ロゴ作成-Logogle

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Un blog qui analyse des images en les comparant les unes aux autres. Stimulant et toujours large d'esprit (peinture, publicité, art numérique...)

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