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Conversational User Experience Platform for products and services - API.AI

Conversational User Experience Platform. Now we're talking.

Access Watch API Documentation

Welcome to the Access Watch API!

Small framework for easily exposing an API over websockets to clients


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Design, build, and scale APIs for web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days.


Envoi d'emails de service par API et relais SMTP - Tipimail

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DELIVREZ VOS EMAILS TOUT SIMPLEMENT Concentrez-vous sur votre business, nous nous occupons de vos emails

gmaps.js — Google Maps API with less pain and more fun

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gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.


Firebase - Build Realtime Apps

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Build Realtime Apps A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime.

Weather Conditions

Weather condition codes

evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies

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evercookie is a javascript API available that produces extremely persistent cookies in a browser.

Webshell - The API Combinator

Combine APIs easily in Javascript and create REST/JSON API on the fly.


Random User Generator

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Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.


TVsync – Connected TV, SmartTV, second-screen API developer platform

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TVsync is an API platform that lets developers build phone, tablet, TV, and desktop applications that automatically identify and synchronize music, television, and movie content.

BonsaiJS - A Graphics Library

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A lightweight graphics library with an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer.

Webshell - The API of APIs

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Explore, consume, distribute and share APIs with others developers on Webshell! Webshell is an API platform with a scripting interface enabling you to interact with all the APIs of the programmable web in a consistent and social way.