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The Apache Cassandra Project

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The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance.


htdigest - manage user files for digest authentication - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2

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htdigest is used to create and update the flat-files used to store usernames, realm and password for digest authentication of HTTP users. Resources available from the Apache HTTP server can be restricted to just the users listed in the files created by htdigest.




2006éveloppement PHP - wamp MSS, apache, php, mysql, phpmyadmin

wamp MSS (Mobile Storage Server) est une version modifiée de WAMP5 qui permet de faire fonctionner le serveur sur un disque amovible (Clé USB, Disque externe).


Generating an SSL Certificate with Apache+mod_ssl

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This document is intended to be a quick guide to generating and installing an SSL certificate on an Apache web server with the mod_ssl module


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Apache::Gallery creates an thumbnail index of each directory and allows viewing pictures in different resolutions. Pictures are resized on the fly and cached.

Securely Edit Your Website Content in WebDAV

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Not all file permissions problems on Apache have such simple, and effective, solutions. But this one is very effective, and very simple to set up.

Mov'AMP / Apache, MySQL et PHP en liberté !

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Un environnement de développement à emporter

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