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20 June 2005

17 June 2005

Une infobulle accessible

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Cette boite peut contenir n'importe quel contenu (images, textes, tableaux, etc.) et peut adopter n'importe quelles dimension, couleurs.

16 June 2005

swf2avi -- Flash to Video

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swf2avi is a freeware tool to convert or batch-convert Flash movies (swf) to bitmaps, bitmap-sequences (bmp, jpg) or videos (avi). swf2avi supports all versions of Macromedia Flash. If a new release is available, install the Internet Explorer Plugin and use it with swf2avi. swf2avi supports all installed video codecs.

Turbine Video Encoder (avi to swf)

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Turbine Video Encoder is a complete environment for the creation of optimized streaming Flash video. Turbine Video Encoder uses state of the art inter-frame compression techniques, allowing you to encode standard video files into low bit rate Flash movies, ready to be streamed across today's Internet connections. With Turbine Video Encoder you'll be able to create streaming Video on the truly ubiquitous Macromedia Flash format, the best guarantee your video will actually be seen, without the codec installation problems typically associated with other Internet streaming video platforms.

15 June 2005

14 June 2005

10 June 2005

09 June 2005

Installer Alexandria.

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Installer un dictionnaire sur son site web

08 June 2005

Thèses en ligne

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Thèses en ligne / Catalogues de thèses


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Generate a CSS layout for your site

07 June 2005

03 June 2005

02 June 2005

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