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21 February 2007 06:30

Experts: Eating Disorders on the Rise among Young Girls

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More and more children are dieting and developing eating disorders as the media increasingly promotes body image dissatisfaction. A national eating disorder treatment center noted that 63 percent of elementary school teachers are concerned about eating disorders in their ...

TobyMac to Follow Album with Portable Sounds Tour

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Popular American Christian rappersinger TobyMac will release iPortable Soundsi following his critically acclaimed albums iMomentumi2001 and iWelcome to Diverse Cityi 2004

Backstory: Who's the more dominant sportsman: Woods or Federer?

Maybe the only way to settle who's better is to give Tiger a racket and Roger a wedge.

Backstory: Who's the more dominant sportsman: Woods or Federer?

Maybe the only way to settle who's better is to give Tiger a racket and Roger a wedge.

Passion Students Called to Hunger for Scripture

Over 23,000 college students are expecting a change in their lives at the Passion 07 conference. But this year's four-day event is asking for more than a personal change. It's asking for a global ...

Leprosy Mission Releases Resources for World Leprosy Day 2007

Leprosy Mission is calling on Christians up and down the country to get involved with next years World Leprosy Day on 28 January 2007

Prayers Said for Fatally Shot British Teenager

A church service for 15yearold Billy Cox the third teenager shot dead in South London in the past two weeks has seen prayers read to comfort a devastated community

Share Jesus International Announces Plans for Pentecost Festival

Share Jesus International has announced plans for Pentecost Festival a huge Christian event which will take place throughout major focal areas of London in 2008 In recent month festival plans were discussed amongst more than 100 Christian leaders representing different denominations new church streams and organisations culminating in four receptions which were held on HMS President on the River Thames at the end of January

Flying the cleanly skies?

Without a viable jet-fuel alternative, air travel in 30 years may be only for the wealthy.

Critical Anglican Meeting Commences in Tanzania

The Anglican Primates meeting officially opened on Thursday reportedly heading straight into sessions on the Episcopal Church and its long awaited response to what many bishops see as violations of Scripture

Talk Show Rabbi Attacks 'Deceptive' Jews for Jesus Campaign

Jewish talk show host Rabbi Tovia Singer released a new website Tuesday as part of an outreach program that specifically negates the Christian mission group Jews for ...

How a Dying Church Can Save Itself

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The most successful congregations are those that do not seem to have much going for them, according to a renowned urban ...

Pentecostal Growth in Asia Challenges Catholic Church

The rapid growth of Pentecostalism in Asia forced a panel of Catholic leaders to reexamine the meaning of ecumenism on the Asian continent and how the church can meet the needs of Catholics within this context

China Russia Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Burma

A resolution on Burma proposed by the United States and supported by the United Kingdom has been vetoed on Friday 12 January by China and Russia South Africa also voted against the resolution

Guys and Dolls Stars Dig Deep for Salvation Army in the North

The stars of the hit musical Guys and Dolls have been digging deep in their pockets to help raise money for Sunderland Citadel thanks to a fantastic fundraising idea by the management at the Sunderland Empire The Guys and Dolls script includes many references to The Salvation Army in the script and many scenes representing Salvation Army officers at their mission work The play even ends with the evangelisation of one the lead characters in the play a former gambler from the shadier walks of life

Interview Quick Stop with Brenton Brown

Meet Brenton Brown the author of modern worship anthems such as Lord Reign In Me All who are Thirsty and Hallelujah Your Love Is Amazing Brown was former worship pastor at Oxford Vineyard and the coordinator of the UK Vineyard Worship Development Team The inspiring worship leader currently resides in California with his wife Jude

Billboard Questioning Homosexuality Blocked by Advertiser

A billboard advertising a Christian event in Phoenix on sexual identity was recently rejected by a national ad ...

Black Megachurch Reaches Out to Hispanic Community

Sprinkled among the black faces at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Hispanic worshippers listen intently to the congregation's leader, Bishop Eddie ...

Pastor Forgives Man who Killed His Daughter

An Angolan refugee was recently given two life terms at the Old Bailey for murdering two women in the span of two weeks But Ben Okechukwu the father of 18yearold victim Ruth forgave Roberto Malasi the man who killed his daughter

For Gods Glory

Soli Deo Gloria is a famous quote in Christianity which has behind it a deep confession

The secrets of Florence, unraveled |

These well-worn stones held a more interesting secret: they were giving me the opportunity to literally walk in the footsteps of Dante.

Amazing Grace Celebrated in US

More than 2500 churches throughout the USA sang Amazing Grace on Sunday February 18 marking the stateside release of a new film on the life of William Wilberforce

Backstory: A heavenly home for hedgehogs

St. Tiggywinkles, Britain's first wildlife hospital, rehabilitates injured animals whose paths collide with man.

Charity Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Mercy Corps a charity known for its work in disasters zones and some of the worlds poorest countries has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Jerusalem Church Leaders Call for Return to Real Priorities of Palestinians

In a message to the Palestinian people Jerusalem church leaders have expressed their alarm at worsening relations between two main political parties and are calling for an end to violence and an urgent return to the real priorities of Palestinians

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