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September 2010

WWW.TKLINUX.DE Segeln Elektronik B├╝cher

* SeaTalk Nmea Bridge - connecting SeaTalk and NMEA * USB SeaTalk Nmea Link - connection SeaTalk and USB * SeaNet Alarm - wakeup and alarm crew on instrument failure and alarm conditions like "high wind", shallow water, radar etc.

December 2008

Thomas Knauf SeaTalk Technical Reference

SeaTalk is a simple interface for networking Raymarine/Autohelm marine equipment so that all devices of a ship can exchange and share their data. SeaTalk is a proprietary solution of Autohelm and not compatible with NMEA or CAN. Unfortunately Raymarine keeps the technical details of SeaTalk secret. To assist users who want to develop hard- or software to connect their devices to the SeaTalk bus these pages uncover some of the mysteries. Part 3 adds hints how to interface SeaTalk with a PC.

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