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Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers

Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers


simavr - Gitorious

simavr is a new AVR simulator for linux, or any platform that uses avr-gcc. It uses avr-gcc own register definition to simplify creating new targets for supported AVR devices.

Products - FriendlyARM

mini2440 micro2440 : low cost arm9 board

GNU AIS - Automatic Identification System for Linux

This program contains algorithms to demodulate and decode AIS messages sent by ships and coast stations. You will need to connect it to the discriminator output of a VHF receiver to make it work.


SupportedHandheldSummary - MoinMoin Wiki

This page tracks all devices for which Linux ports exist, or in planning. This includes both ports hosted on, or elsewhere.

2008 » Microsodes

In this section you’ll find the quick and dirty mini episodes (aka: microsodes) illustrating just the fundamentals of Inkscape or things we consider too short for an entire episode. This is a good place to start if you just installed Inkscape for the first time and need some short instruction to get you started. Here’s an in-depth explanation.

MultiTouch Maison...La Contruction (Partie Hardware) - eMerzh's notes

Quel Geek n'a pas rêvé de piloter leur ordinateur avec un périphérique multitouch genre MS Surface ou ceux de Jef Han? Ce billet vous expliquera comment j'ai fabriqué la partie hardware de la table (le software viendra dans un billet suivant).

Main Page - Openembedded

Openembedded, your best-in class cross-compile environment. Openembedded allows developers to create a complete Linux Distribution for embedded systems.

Qcad : dessin technique sous Linux

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QCad est un logiciel de DAO,c'est à dire de Dessin (industriel) Assisté par Ordinateur,permettant de réaliser et de modifier aisément des plans.

OpenVPNTunHowTo - OpenWrt

The intention of this guide is to enable a TUN-based (routed) tunnel with SSL/TLS certificates on your OpenWRT installation. It was based (and largely copied from :) ) on the OpenVPNHowTo, which in turn talks about a slightly different (TAP-based) approach.

OPENVPN - Le Tutorial Facile - Introduction

Créé en 2002, Open est un outil open source utilisé pour construire des VPNs site à site avec le protocole SSL/TLS ou avec des clefs partagées. Son rôle est de "tunneliser", de manière sécurisée, des données sur un seul port TCP/UDP à travers un réseau non sûr comme Internet et ainsi établir des VPNs.

Embedded Projects Shop - Grasshopper AVR32 (AP7000) Board Open Source Version (without CD

With Grasshopper is a free platform for the AVR32 development in the context of a common project with Embedded Projects and In-Circuit GmbH arose. The project is published under the name Grasshopper (which is also the name for the open source project) and in parallel by the company In-Circuit under the name ICnova AP7000 Base.

Single Board Computer (SBC) Quick Reference Guide

In light of the rapidly diverging shapes, sizes, and architectures for embedded system single board computer (SBC) platforms, and recognizing the growing importance of Linux to the embedded market, has created this Quick Reference Guide to Linux-friendly Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs), which we hope will assist you in pinpointing solutions that match your Embedded Linux based system requirements.

NorhTec - Products

The MicroClient JrSX represents the least expensive x86 compatible computer solution available. The MicroClient JrSX uses the revolutionary System on Chip, the Vortex86SX, that integrates a complete computer on a single CPU.

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