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The xPL Project

The xPL Project was started in January 2003 by Ian Lowe and Tony Tofts. It’s goal: To create a unified protocol to allow the control and monitoring of all devices within the home, whilst maintaining an unparalleled level of simplicity and ease of use. During the first half of 2003, the protocol was refined to include powerful auto-discovery and configuration capabilities. With the core protocol now in place, much of the work involves integrating xPL support into software and hardware devices.


Le Projet Shtooka - le Project Shtooka

Le "Projet Shtooka" est un projet coopératif dont le but est la création de matériel audio ainsi que des outils logiciels pour l'apprentissage des langues étrangères. Notre axe principal de travail vise à mettre en place un ensemble de bases de données audio linguistiques telle la "base audio libre de mots français" ainsi que les outils logiciels capables d'en tirer parti.

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