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February 2007

Artbook -> SM 1

Questa galleria (composta da 3 pagine) contiene le illustrazioni dell'artbook della prima serie di Sailor Moon, per un totale di 59 disegni. Cliccando sull'anteprima potrete accedere all'immagine reale avente la dimensione sotto indicata.

December 2006

Statue Molesters

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Have a look through our gallery of lunatics that have graced these pages with their own Statue Molesting adventures. (Statue Molesters)

July 2006


Gallery of Manga firefox mascots (Warning!!!: some erotic images )


"And it was fascinating. First off, it was visually intense: the tiny houses and crazy vertical separation from one street to the next made the whole place feel like an ewok village, and ensured that every rooftop had a stunning view of Copacabana beach, Corcovado, and the rest of Rocinha curving up and around the mountain. And whether or not we were exploiting them, people were very friendly, and little kids ran out of their houses excited to see us. I let them use my camera, and showed them pictures of themselves on the LCD, and they'd laugh and call their friends over. As we're nearing the bottom of the hill and starting to head home, I was thinking about how much the kids enjoyed using my camera, and wouldn't it be interesting to see what they photographed on their own, if they had their own cameras."

April 2006

Magnum In Motion

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Magnum In Motion editors blend powerful Magnum photography with audio commentary, text and graphics to create an immersive, engaging multimedia experience. Photographer commentary guides the viewer through the photo essay, while text and graphics provide additional information and enrich the viewing experience.

Naked (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

"this is another Sailor Moon site. But here, we look at the series from a different angle. An entirely manga angle. And one reoccurring theme I noticed in the manga is nudity."


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site dédié à J.R.R. Tolkien et son oeuvre

Ayne's Harry Potter Gallery

Harry Potter fanart gallery, a place created by ayne to share her illustrations inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, the little wizard created by J. K. Rowling.