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Best French ski resorts for guaranteed snow

If ski season is almost ending, but it does not mean that for the May holidays that there is nowhere to take a ski-holidays break. The key to a perfect spring guaranteed snow ski holidays is finding the right snow-sure ski resorts. It can be difficult choosing a ski holiday, especially if you have a holidays only in Spring.


UX Designer Definition

What is UX Designer definition, job description

New 51-star US Flag design

If the Congress will approve Puerto Rico referendum, the US Flag should be changed for a 51-star version.

Luxury Leather Bags Sale

Sale of Luxury Natural Leather Bags and Accessories by Moore & Giles


Shopping Estonian Fashion

Estonian fashion is wilderness fashion in the best tense of the word.


Mac Setups: iMac + MacBook Pro + External Monitors + iPad + iPhone

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This is one awesome Mac setup: A 24″ iMac hooked up to an external monitor, alongside another 30″ external monitor being powered by a 15″ MacBook Pro… and don’t forget the two iPhone’s and iPad.

Cut The Rope

Nice game with great graphics, addictive gameplay and just a cute monster. Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Carpathian Mountains

A great, misty panorama of mountains fills the horizon. All around are forests and more forests, green and dense. Along the streams, blackberries and bright blueberries are underfoot.

Why Apple fight against Flash

It's been a lot of buzz why Apple neglects Flash support in its upcoming iPad. Most of them concern just processor eating. While no one view with a different angle.

Define Your Website Target Audience

To develop a site for your existing business, you need a clear idea of your potential client’s profile. If you are planning a new business, you need to define your target audience.


iTunes 9 Home Sharing Bug

While trying to connect my two major PCs I've found Home Sharing disappearing just after turning it "on"