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April 2006

Songwriting Tips & Tools - The Muse's Muse

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The Muse's Muse is devoted to discussion and information having to do with the craft of songwriting. Founded in 1995, it contains musician classifieds and spotlights, busy message boards, music-related links and resources, songwriting association listings, music reviews, copyright and publishing info, articles, interviews, a weekly chat (9pm EST Mondays - co-hosted by, a free monthly newsletter and a great deal more.

Lists of Bests

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On Lists of Bests you can create and find lists of products, places, goals and people. From the Pulitzer Prize to the Oscars and beyond; you can start the list yourself or find existing lists.

December 2005

CSS Cheat Sheet - CSS -

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The CSS cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing all selectors (as of CSS 2.1) and properties. It includes a visual example of the box model, unit reference for CSS units and the various media types CSS makes allowance for

November 2005

Web Design Library — One-stop resource for web designers

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An internationally refereed resource that provides a platform for the dissemination of design thinking and research. It covers all theoretical and practice-oriented aspects of the effective, efficient and attractive presentation of information on-line.

Writing Efficient CSS

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This article is intended for people familiar with CSS syntax and usage. If you are new to CSS, see Adrian Senior's excellent article, CSS: An Introduction, in the articles section of CMX

Particletree · Typography Crash Course Roundup

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You can spend your whole life obsessing over type. It’s a craft with an awesome history and practicing it well often takes designers on a sort of quest that never seems to end. The strategies are both infinitely complex and sometimes irreducibly simple.

October 2005

Juicy Studio: Div Mania

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More and more web documents are appearing that consist of nothing more than a collection of div elements. In most cases, better use of CSS selectors could be used to avoid overusing the div element.

September 2005

July 2005

Tools You Might Have Missed

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Here is a collection of research tools I made, as you might have missed them the first time around. Many of them access the Google API, some access the Yahoo API.

Identifont - identify fonts and typefaces

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Welcome to Identifont®, the unique font identifier that enables you to identify a font from a sample by answering a series of simple questions. It is ideal if you want to match an existing typeface, or identify a typeface you have seen in a publication.

CSS Panic Guide

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This is not a complete resource, this is a fast resource. These are the sites that I refer to first, and that I tell people to read. When you want more, just about all of them have their own links to good sites.

Bravenet Webmaster Resource Center - Quick References - HTML

The HTML Reference sheet contains lists of HTML tags, tutorials, attributes, and other things of such. Don't know HTML? Just browse through this section and you'll have an understanding in no time!

Patterns for Personal Web Sites

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These patterns for creating personal Web sites have been distilled over the last few years from the most interesting personal Web sites I've found. For more information on these patterns, please read the introduction.

mezzoblue § Markup Guide

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Within this document, references will be made to elements and attributes

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