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Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful

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A number of problems resulting from the use of the text/html MIME type in conjunction with XHTML content are discussed. It is suggested that XHTML delivered as text/html is broken and XHTML delivered as text/xml is risky, so authors intending their work for public consumption should stick to HTML 4.01, and authors who wish to use XHTML should deliver their markup as application/xhtml+xml.

December 2006

XHTML Character Entity Reference

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This page contains the 252 allowed entities in HTML 4 and XHTML 1.0, as outlined in section 24 of the official HTML 4 specifications, published by the W3C. If you're new to this site, you can find help on how to use this reference.


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February 2006

Alsacréations formations HTML / CSS et conception Web

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Alsacréations est une communauté dédiée à la conception web aux normes, et notamment aux standards W3C, aux feuilles de style CSS, aux langages HTML et XHTML, ainsi qu'à l'accessibilité du Web en général.

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