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We are an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who does makes us stronger. Together we can continue to drive innovation on the Web to serve the greater good. It starts here, with you




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Hunting the Best Open Source Resources for Web Developers | WebAppers

UX Booth

The UX Booth is a blog by and for the User Experience Community. Together, we're writing articles and sharing resources on usability, user experience, and interaction design.


9ne - A web based code edtior

9ne (pronounced "nine") is an online code editor based on Emacs (Copyright 2006 Rob Rohan). 9ne is a recursive acronym and joke, and means "9ne is not Emacs".

Picnik: Web based image manipulation gets better

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Picnik is another web-based image manipulation tool that uses Flash to do the heavy lifting.


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Quizlet is a tool for learning vocabulary

Performance Research, Part 2: Browser Cache Usage - Exposed!

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This is the second in a series of articles describing experiments conducted to learn more about optimizing web page performance. You may be wondering why you’re reading a performance article on the YUI Blog. It turns out that most of web page performance is affected by front-end engineering, that is, the user interface design and development.

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

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Let’s take a look at 53 CSS-based techniques you should always have ready to hand if you develop web-sites.



An AJAX enabled Samba web GUI that provides users access to corporate documents without any specialized hardware or software clients.