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February 2008

JavaScript Project Generator

by 2 others
A simple command-line tool to create the folders and helper files for a new JavaScript project/library. As a bonus, you can quickly create a website to promote your project.

December 2006

Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, Ruby…

by 26 others
Whether you’ve forgotten the name of a function or the property of a cascading style sheet - handy cheat sheets deliver the information you are looking for - immediately.

August 2006

Cheat Sheets

by 7 others
Below are cheat sheets (also known as reference cards) that you can print out and keep by your computer.

February 2006

Prendre un Café

by 28 others, 2 comments (via)
Blog de Niko parlant d'Ubuntu et de Ruby on Rails entre autre

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