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June 2007

9ne - A web based code edtior

9ne (pronounced "nine") is an online code editor based on Emacs (Copyright 2006 Rob Rohan). 9ne is a recursive acronym and joke, and means "9ne is not Emacs".

May 2007

Implementing a syntax-higlighting JavaScript editor in JavaScript

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Implementing a syntax-higlighting JavaScript editor in JavaScript

December 2006


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October 2006

CodePress - Web-based code editor

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CodePress is a code editor with syntax highlighting written in JavaScript that colors text in real time while it's being typed in the browser.

widgEditor: A simple, standards-compliant WYSIWYG HTML editor

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widgEditor is an easily installed, easily customisable WYSIWYG editor for simple content. It replaces existing textareas with an improved editing pane using JavaScript, therefore if you don't have JavaScript (or your browser doesn't support HTML editing) it degrades gracefully. Try it out by typing below, and submit to see the processed output.

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