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July 2008

dragtable: drag-and-drop reorderable columns for an HTML table

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dragtable: drag-and-drop reorderable columns for an HTML table

MooCirclePack a javascript circle packing library

The purpose of this script is to bring circle packing to Javascript, as opposed to Flash or Java. While this implementation is less efficient than the aforementioned technologies, it produces a nice data visualization and is quick and simple for anyone to set up. The script is licensed under an MIT-style license.

MooWheel a javascript connections visualization library

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The purpose of this script is to provide a unique and elegant way to visualize data using Javascript and the canvas object. This type of visualization can be used to display connections between many different objects, be them people, places, things, or otherwise. The script is licensed under an MIT-style license.

March 2008

Drag and drop

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Here's a simple accessible drag and drop script. It works with both mouse and keyboard.

Taffy DB : A JavaScript database for your browser

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Taffy DB is a free and opensource JavaScript library that acts as thin data layer inside Web 2.0 and Ajax applications.

February 2008

JavaScript Project Generator

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A simple command-line tool to create the folders and helper files for a new JavaScript project/library. As a bonus, you can quickly create a website to promote your project.

January 2008

December 2007

CSS text Wrapper

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The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle.

November 2007

JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events

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This document summarizes the results of some browser tests done while attempting to implement key stroke handling code in JavaScript. It documents inconsistancies in the way different browsers implement keyboard events.

October 2007

Record mouse movement using Javascript and AJAX

The “movelogger” records the mouse movement a users does on a web site. Just before the user leaves the current page, the recorded data get posted back to the server using Ajax.

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