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31 December 1969 17:00

voo2do : simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists

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voo2dothere’s too much worth doing—choose wisely.advanced task and priority management for busy, ambitious individuals

Vitamin - A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs

by 56 others
Vitamin is a resource for web designers, developers and entrepreneurs

Beeplet: timed alerts

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Keep forgetting stuff? Need reminders from time to time?<br /> Then Beeplet is your thing.


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Sabifoo makes it easier than ever to publish to the web. By combining instant messaging with RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a whole new publishing infrastructure has been born. Now publishing to the world is as simple as sending a message.

Kiko - A New Kind of Online Calendar

by 6 others
Kiko is a cool new web calendar that delivers all the functionality of desktop calendar software, and all the convenience of online access. And it`s free!

Bindows™ Home

With Bindows™ you can develop fully functional desktop applications in a web page, without any plugins.<br /> <br /> Whether you prefer to strictly follow OOP best practices or use the latest RAD flavour of the month, Bindows™ provides you with the tools for developing efficient and flexible Rich Internet Applications.

Logahead - Just blog.

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A brand new blogging engine with a `keep it simple` philosophy. Designed from the ground-up to be fully buzzword compliant (AJAX, RSS, Web 2.0 - it`s all there), logahead lets you effortlessly do what blogs were invented for:<br /> Put your words on the web. Just blog.

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