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31 December 1969 17:00

Trackback Spam Resources » Trackback Validator Plugin

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The TrackBack Validator plugin for WordPress performs a simple but very effective test on all TrackBacks in order to stop spam.

Matt’s Googly Site - Custom Query String Plugin

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This plugin will allow you to set the number posts to show for all the different "query views" and each your categories in WordPress. You can choose how many posts or days, and what to order them by, for any of the queries and/or categories. All this easily set from an options page within the admin area. Sideblog Plugin v3.0

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Sideblog is a plugin for Wordpress Blog Platform. It is one way of implementing “Asides” - a series of “short” posts, 1-2 sentences in length.

guff » the_excerpt Reloaded

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Based on the_excerpt, the_excerpt Reloaded, when a post does not contain an excerpt, displays the contents of the post (typically abbreviated), which can be customized on which HTML tags to allow, length of the excerpt (in words), “more…” link, and filtering type. The plugin’s function the_excerpt_reloaded() must be used in The Loop.

mutube » IM Online

A neat little Wordpress Widget to show your current online status on your blog.

Identify External Links [ Tempus Fugit | ]

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This plugin will add a special CSS class to all links in your entries and in your comments that go to external sites (sites other than your site).

How To Improve Performance of Highly Commented WordPress Blogs -Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Technology Blog

Most of highly trafficked and highly commented wordpress blogs rely upon some smart caching solution or another. However it may not be enough to prevent slowing down your server if your post(s) are heavily commented upon.

Bad Behavior / Bad Behaviour - Homeland Security or Homeland Stupidity

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Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots.

Feedburner Plugin 1.0 for WordPress

This plugin redirects the main feed and optionally the comments feed to It does this without the need to modify templates, setup new hidden feeds, modify .htaccess files, or asking users to migrate to a new feed. All existing feeds simply become Feedburner feeds seamlessly and transparently for all users. Just tell the plugin what your Feedburner feed URL is and you're done.

Home of Arne Brachhold » Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final

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This plugin generates a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.

Notable Wordpress Plugin

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This is the one I`m using in my blog - not only is it easy to setup and configure, but it validates. » Javascript Pullquotes

This plugin is a wrapper for some Javascript and CSS by Roger Johansson. It allows you to make pullquotes in your posts without duplicating any content (i.e. making them manually). This is done via Javascript and it it makes it easy to disable them later on if you wish and makes it so that duplicate content doesn’t show up in your feeds.

AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin » Acme Technologies Zeitgeist

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AdSense-Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed.

Siuyee Presents… » WP Wetfloor

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WP Wetfloor allows you to add reflections (a.k.a. the wetfloor effect) to images on your Wordpress blog.


This plugin works with the Geo Plugin to plot posts on a Google Maps Mashup, with a pin at each post. Clicking on a pin pops up a summary and link to the post.

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