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31 December 1969 17:00

Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center: Free Book - Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers

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Free Book - Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers Get a focused, first look at the features and capabilities in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0.

View Source Chart (Firefox Extension)

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# Creates a Colorful Chart of a Webpage's Rendered Source Code<br /> # Displays Source in its Altered State After the DOM has been Manipulated by JavaScript

Yahoo! UI Library

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The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The YUI Library also includes several core CSS resources.

Download details: Consolas Font Pack

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The Microsoft Consolas Font Family is a set of highly legible fonts designed for ClearType. It is intended for use in programming environments and other circumstances where a monospaced font is specified. This installation package will set the default font for Visual Studio to Consolas.

Visual Basic .NET Sample Guidelines

These guidelines are used by Microsoft to develop samples and documentation. They are provided to Visual Basic .NET users as a basis for their own coding standards. The Visual Basic Language Specification does not contain a coding standard.

chris erwin dot com - CRIR: Checkbox Radio Input Replacement

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This combination of JavaScript and CSS will hide checkbox and radio inputs that have a class = "crirHiddenJS", an id, and a proper label tag. This will allow you to style the label however you wish using CSS, and the actual input control will be hidden. The form will still collect data as it normally would because the label itself will trigger the hidden input control. If javascript is disabled no inputs will be hidden and the form is still be fully functional.

SharpDevelop @ic#code

#develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft`s .NET platform. It is open-source, and you can download both sourcecode and executables from this site Anthem.NET

Anthem.NET is a free, cross-browser AJAX toolkit for the ASP.NET development environment that works with both ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0.


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krugle/the search engine/<br /> for developers/<br /> <br /> findcode/findanswers/krugle makes it easy for developers to find source code and technical information—fast!

A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS

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One of those cases is tabbed navigation. It’s time to take back control over the tabs which are continually growing in popularity as a primary means of site navigation. Now that CSS is widely supported, we can crank up the quality and appearance of the tabs on our sites. You’re most likely aware that CSS can be used to tame a plain unordered list.

A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II

Here, we’ll cover a new scenario where no tab is highlighted, combine Sliding Doors with a single-image rollover, provide a fix for the clickable region in IE/Win, and suggest an alternate method of targeting tabs. We’ll skip a basic recap of the technique (see Part I for this) in favor of jumping right back in where we left off.

Code Snippets: Store, sort and share source code, with tag goodness

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Snippets is a public source code repository. Easily build up your personal collection of code snippets, categorize them with tags / keywords, and share them with the world (or not, you can keep them private!)

Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Evaluation Kit

With the Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit, you`ll have everything you need to start<br /> developing for Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices:<br /> <br /> * Learn about Windows Mobile<br /> * Install the developer tools<br /> * Access technical resources<br /> * Tap into the developer community<br /> * Learn how to certify you application and become a partner

flo`s freeware - Notepad2

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The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills! Notepad2 tries to follow this principle, it`s a small, fast and free text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages.

Bluefish Editor : Home

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Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites.

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