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24 January 2006 02:30

Automated Form Software - Welcome to Efficient Forms

With Efficient Formssm guided interview, even an inexperienced agent, salesperson, researcher or CSR will produce accurate, e-signed forms or applications in just minutes. If<br /> your customers complete their own forms, Efficient Forms will make that process practically foolproof.<br /> <br /> The dynamic guided interview format...<br /> <br /> # Dramatically increases productivity by shortening sales cycles, reducing processing time, and virtually eliminating data entry errors.<br /> # Eliminate wasted time or lost sales due to rejected, illegible or incorrect forms.<br /> <br /> Making the contracting, sales or research process easier, faster and more accurate means you`ll have more completed forms filed faster, more sales closed, and a more profitable business.


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Microsoft Download Center: Mobile Devices

A pile of stuff for the pocketpc from microsoft. includes development tools and many utilities

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