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20 August 2006

The Gold Blog » 2 of the most FAQs about e-gold: Understanding E-gold vs Paypal

FAQ (2) What happens if a trojan or a virus gives hackers access to my PC and the e-gold pass phrase is stolen followed by my e-gold balance? This happened with PayPal and they were able to refund my balance without any problems and my credit card company did the same last year when my card numbers were stolen. Will e-gold refund my balance if the account is compromised or I want my money back from a accidental spend transaction?

08 August 2006

The Gold Blog » Open2Exchange : Real E-currency Trading

Open2Exchange is an open trading market for anyone wishing to buy or sell digital gold currency. This online operation never closes and all trades are instant with super low fees. There are no brokers or agents in between these transactions and anyone with funds can actively trade e-gold®, GoldMoney®, Pecunix® or 1MDC® (FastGrams®). Minimum account funding is just one gram (about $20).

18 July 2006

American Chronicle: An Introduction To Digital Gold Currency (DGC)

Welcome to the world of digital gold currency or DGC as it is more commonly known.

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