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29 March 2007

Bush is Committed - Politics & Government Jokes - JibJab

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Joke Originally Submitted by: aasimpy. "I made this over at - took a few minutes, and then I added in the flash bulbs and other audio fx on my own. The joke was from Letterman."

20 March 2007

19 March 2007 > l am Lonelygirl15 Hear my Story

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LonelyGirl15 - the YouTube celebrity tells the truth about herself. If all she did was tell her story... but she includes a threat to sum it up! She's got some nerve!

12 March 2007

06 March 2007

Digg - Crazy 3D Avatars From Gizmoz

Gizmoz has a Flash-based 3D avatar product that is made from a single picture of a person plus their recorded voice.

Viral Video Soup Awards

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Honoring the Best and Worst of Internet Video. When the most popular video bloggers stumble, the result is as awful as anything you'll find on the Internet. If you've got thousands of subscribers, you might start to believe that your audience really wants to watch you eat breakfast. Perhaps this video will cause some "YouTube celebrities" to think twice before hitting the "Upload Video" button.

Web 2.0: Appearance is Everything

"On Web 2.0, all is about appearance" - on Personal appearance in Web2.0 social networks, and the talking avatars by

04 March 2007

Pro Web Art » Gizmoz

ProWebArt is web design gallery where we collect the most inspirational and quality web designs. The main goal of ProWebArt is to put in one place the best websites world wide.

28 February 2007

Explore Gizmoz

Don't just watch, create your own ! Gizmoz is all about self-expression! When you register, you can create a personal Talking Gagz collection, download many goodies, hook into the Gizmoz Community, and share your creations with the world.

Bush avatar by Gizmoz

Bush avatar by Gizmoz, some love him & some hate him nut there's only 1 president.

Gizmoz: An interesting gag video service

Normally I stay away from gag sites like this, but Gizmoz is a guilty pleasure that caught my attention with its eccentric sense of humor.

EVERYTHING 2.0: Gizmoz

Create your 3D video avatar & use it anywhere

MoMB: Gizmoz

Gizmoz adds an eye-popping new twist to your social networking and personal messaging experience with fascinating, highly emotive animated headz that “speak” in your own voice, or text messages. - Avatars for the masses

For those of you who want your own video blog but don't want to mess with the intricacies of a webcam.

26 February 2007

Share your Avatar creations with the world

Express yourself, save your gag and tag your creations, Email them to friends, Link to your video from any website, Embed your video in selected websites

Spice Up your Instant messengers with Talking Avatars

Gizmoz Talking Headz (Beta version) is an extremely humoristic innovative Plug-in for all the leading Instant Messengers. Now for the first time you can communicate by fun amusing believable 3D personal Talking Avatars, which are animated by emotions, you

3D Talking Avatars - Cool tool for Blogs

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express yourself by creating your very own hilarious Talking Avatars & Gagz right here on

27 December 2006

TechCrunch » Crazy 3D Avatars From Gizmoz

With Gizmoz platform, any user can create dynamic 3D avatars, that not only it lip-sync to anything you say in any language (while IM or video calling @ Skype 3.0) but it uses unique Morphing facial animation as well, so you can create original video clips and share them via Mobile, Email and Blogs.

26 December 2006

Gizmoz - Dynamic 3D avatars over Skype video.

Change your visual appearance on Skype 3.0 video Calls. With Gizmoz 3D avatars you don’t need a web cam for your video calls. Not only it lip-sync to anything you say in any language, but it uses unique Morphing facial animation as well, so you can create original video clips And share them with friends and family via Mobile, Email and Blogs. 100% FREE!

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